In this generation, the number of homeless people has grown like never before. If we talk about homeless people the first thing that comes up into our mind is the elder people who don’t have a roof above their heads. The reason why they don’t have a house to live mostly comes to fact that they can’t afford the bills that must be paid every month.

“The struggles that they are going through each day to get something to eat …”

In Holland, it may be only the elder one’s but if we look further and in other countries, there are not only elder people also small children who become a victim of homelessness. They don’t have somewhere to stay they are all day on the street they don’t have any clothes on or food to eat. The struggles that they are going through each day to get something to eat or to get somewhere to spend the night is really hard for them. Even small children are part of being homeless for example in poor countries the adults mostly don’t have a choice then rather to take their children to be on the streets with them.

The big part of homeless people are mostly the men if you heard that there women out there homeless it’s hard for you to believe it. If you see homeless women mostly it causes by the fact that women are victims of physical and sexual abuse whereby they can’t take it anymore and then they decide to leave the house and start to live on the streets.

Being homeless has dire consequences. If a homeless person becomes seriously ill because he cannot eat properly or because the weather is bad, he can hardly go to the hospital (himself). For example, he or she has no money for transport or may not even be legally (in the Netherlands), let alone insured. As children of Christ, we must come together and help those in need. If homeless people think they are in a dark tunnel, we must be able to reveal the end of the tunnel. Light.

– Gemaria Owusu-Ansah

The Rock Foundation.

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