The number of people that have no roof above their head is rising. More people are left outside without a proper place to sleep. It does not matter if it is winter, spring, summer or autumn, the force of life has caused them to make
the cold world their house.

It could have been the grip they lost on life. It could have been someone had kicked them out. Or it could have simply been the economic crisis which left them without a job. In short, becoming homeless can overcome every one. It is a phenomenon which cannot always be prevented. “Can it be cured then? And above all, can I cure it?”

Whilst many people do believe in charities or fundraising organisations, they don’t think their individual help matters as much.
People are not aware of the fact that everything has additional value. 10+1 and 100+10 may not have the same outcome as 1000+100, but it in each way it increases with ten percent. When one is trying to reach a goal, the only thing that becomes important is coming closer to it. If everyone comes to this understanding, the world can be at a better place tomorrow.

 “Is the person really homeless? Does the person really need the money?”

Giving money to a person who presents himself as homeless can be very challenging. Is the person really homeless? Does the person really need the money? What is the person going to do with my money next, buy drugs or bread?

The Rock Foundation, however, supports love. Love is caring and love is feeding. We try to provide for facilities which will make the homeless feel warmed up, cooled down, filled, hydrated, clean and most importantly loved. Our mission can be supported by donating money so we can fulfil our vision, but do not forget that there is a homeless person outside waiting for you to reach out to him. The step closer to cohesion in our community is rooted inside of you. Homelessness can be cured. Not necessarily by grating them a house, but rather by offering them a home, which is in the love of Christ Jesus.

Making the world brighter through Jesus Christ our Rock

– by Lesley Tuffour

The Rock Foundation.

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