He, yes he.. He’s a junk. He always enters grocery stores looking for something. He doesn’t steal anything, doesn’t harm anybody and doesn’t ask
for anything. He just looks for food, coins, or bottles to exchange for coins. He doesn’t even look at people in their eyes. He just comes with one goal, and that’s finding something to feed himself with,” says the guard.

Whilst there are plenty of vagabonds that beg people for substances, there is also a number of homeless people that struggle with pleading for what they need.

 “He, yes he.. He’s a junk. He always enters grocery stores looking for something.” 

Showing others that you need them, or something from them can for some people be a moment of humiliation. Having failed in life is not the worst thing they think, rather people knowing of it. They feel like their esteem is at stake. The Rock Foundation is organising a clothing project. The Clothing Project is a project whereby we will be requesting clothing. We accept used, unused, wanted
and unwanted clothes according to what your heart tells you to give. We are appealing to everyone that is able to fill a trash bag with the clothing they want to

Sooner or later in life, you will reach a stage whereby you realise you need people to survive. That is simply how God created this life. The Clothing Project’s aim is to make people know that it is okay to receive from people. Receiving from people can be a good think if you are wise. What many do not understand, is that receiving is also beneficial to your character. It is a sign of humbleness instead of humiliation.

The damage homelessness does to the homeless will never be understood until one becomes homeless himself. The Rock Foundation steps in the heart
and feet of Jesus delivering this project. Jesus was homeless for a time, but God carrying Him made Him never lack anything. Revealing God in this project
would mean for us to sacrifice unto His people. Loving people is enough, but love has fruits. The fruit of love called sacrifice is what we are presenting with this project.

– by Lesley Tuffour

The Rock Foundation.

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